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Brass Clapper Candle Snuffer

Brass Clapper Candle Snuffer

Brass Clapper Candle Snuffer

Give your candle a round of applause before extinguishing it for the night with this cool new Brass Candle Clapper Snuffer from designer Rachel Pfeffer. These handcrafted brass tongs have laser-cut hands on the ends that instantly snuff out a burning candle wick by clapping them together. Unlike blowing out a candle, this elegant solution results in zero smoke and/or hot wax splatter and helps prevent burns if you prefer the wet finger snuff technique. Handmade in Maryland, USA.

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  • Designer: Rachel Pfeffer
  • Brass Candle Clapper
  • Put your candles out safely and playfully with this handcrafted brass snuffer
  • Blowing candles out can splatter hot wax and create a cloud of smoke
  • Extinguish candles neatly and safely with this amusing, handcrafted take on the snuffer
  • Just clap them onto a burning wick and out it goes, leaving behind nothing but a smile on your face
  • Laser-cut brass tongs with a brushed finish topped with a pair of hands
  • Handmade in Maryland
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 6" L x 1" W x 2" H

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