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Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub

Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub

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This summer, satisfy your mighty thirst while floating around in the pool all afternoon with this cool new Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub. This large and luxurious floating beverage tub is designed to stay evenly afloat in the pool, has four built-in cupholders around the rim, and a large beverage tub in the center to hold plenty of ice and drinks. It's made in the USA from all-weather materials that resist sun, water, and pool chemicals and is also perfect for lakes, rivers, a hot tub, a large bath, a lazy river, or even floating around in the middle of the ocean as you have a few drinks while awaiting a rescue... unfortunately, it's not a life-saving flotation device though.

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Pool Chlorine Scented Candle
If you love that nostalgic summer scent of chlorine in the swimming pool, it's finally been captured in a scented candle form to enjoy all year long.
Soleil In-Pool Umbrella Stand Table
This sleek and minimalist patio umbrella stand doubles as a drink table and can be filled up with water so it can be placed either in the pool or poolside.
AquaGlow - Dancing Waters Light and Fountain Show
This fun device wirelessly connects with your iPod and speakers and reacts to the music by creating a display of color changing lights and dancing water.
Party Gator - Giant Inflatable Alligator w/ Built-In Cooler and Cupholders
While it may look like a massive 6 foot long inflatable gator raft, it secretly hides a built-in cooler in its back that holds up to 20 cans with ice and has 4 handy cupholders as well.
Massive Inflatable Party Bird Island
These towering inflatable island rafts are styled after a peacock, flamingo, or unicorn, have a six person capacity or up to 1320 lbs, and include six cupholders and a built-in cooler.
Giant Inflatable Balloon Dog Sprinkler - 6 Feet Tall
A massive 6 foot tall inflatable balloon dog with refreshing water sprayers on the head and tail to help beat the heat during the sweltering dog days of summer.
Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock
Rather than floating around above the pool like on a traditional inflatable raft, this unique pool float has an oval mesh hammock that suspends your body just below the surface of the water to keep cool, an inflatable outer perimeter ring to support your head and arms as you lazily drift about, and an integrated pillow for total comfort.
Swim Mask With Integrated Digital Camera and Video
The world's first swim mask with a built-in waterproof digital camera. Unlike regular underwater cameras, this one allows you to swim hands-free and take high-resolution 5MP pictures and videos.
Drink Guards - Inflatable Floating Drink Preservers
Don't let your drinks drown in the pool or get lonely sitting alone and out of reach poolside, keep them safely above the water and floating nearby in one of these cool new Inflatable Drink Guard Rafts.

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Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
Perfectly pours and chills a bottle of wine with zero drips.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
This is the ultimate mobile bar cart for doing some serious entertaining outdoors in total luxurious style.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
These festive cocktail shakers are styled like the handheld Latin percussion instruments, maracas, and provide the same rhythmic rattling sound using ice instead of seeds and beans.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
This unique outdoor fruit, vegetable, and herb planter doubles as a bar to entertain guests around and allows them to hand-pick their very own fresh sprigs and garnishes for their drinks or even little vegetables for Bloody Marys.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
Brrrr! Ultra chilly shots for your next party. Nothing goes down smoother than an ice-cold shot of your favorite liquor. Simply attach your bottle of choice and let it drop to 15 degrees F.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
If you love drinking wine, sipping from straws, and not spilling and splashing beverages everywhere, then check out this cool new SIPSIP Wine Glass with a built-in straw.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
This elegant wine vessel aerates and dispenses all kinds of wine while entertaining.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
A portable glass chiller and froster that instantly and dramatically chills beer glasses, wine glasses, Champagne flutes, and other cocktail glasses in only 6 seconds to not only give your drink presentation skills that extra wow factor, but also to help keep those cold drinks extra cold.
Soleil Pool Float Beverage Tub
No matter whether you're cruising the desert in style on Jabba's sail barge, sitting alone in an intergalactic cantina bar, or just attending a weird backyard luau full of Star Wars cosplayers back on Earth, these cool new Star Wars Geeki Tikis are perfect for serving up tropical cocktails

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