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Sonic Foamer - Ultrasonic Beer Head Reviver

Sonic Foamer - Ultrasonic Beer Head Reviver

We taste through a combination of our taste buds and our nose, so the foamy head on a glass of great craft beer is actually releasing the aroma as the little bubbles pop which is integral to fully tasting the flavor. The problem is that after you pour and take a few drinks, this head goes away and the beer loses it's flavor. The solution is this cool new Sonic Foamer.

When your beer goes flat, simply place it on the water-covered platform of the Sonic Foamer, press the button, and watch as ultrasonic waves travel through the glass to excite the gases in the beer causing a brand new foamy head to appear. A clever device for the serious beer drinker who wants to enjoy the maximum taste, sip after sip, until it's time for the next round.

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