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Moving Beer Pong Robot

Moving Beer Pong Robot

Moving Beer Pong Robot

If you thought tossing ping pong balls into red party cups filled with beer wasn't difficult enough, then take your drinking game skills to the next level with this cool new Moving Beer Pong Robot. This unique beer pong cup rack randomly roves around the table to increase the challenge and has built-in sensors to prevent it from bumping into things and driving off the edge. It only comes with one robotic cup caddy, so you will either need to change up the rules a bit or buy just buy two.

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  • Designer: Eric Fragola
  • Put your beer pong skills to the test with this robotic cup caddy
  • Robotic cup caddy puts a new, challenging spin on beer pong
  • It whizzes the cups around the table to make for a more challenging shot
  • Smart sensors inside keep it from rolling off a surface or bumping into anything
  • Just charge it up using any simple cell phone cord and let the party begin
  • Size: 11" L x 10" W x 3" H

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