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Picket Sign Cocktail Picks

Picket Sign Cocktail Picks

Picket Sign Cocktail Picks

After a long day of listening to activists shouting on every street corner, protesters protesting in front of every building, marchers marching down every street, sit-ins yelling that they won't go, and endless overblown faux outrage everywhere else... relax with a nice cocktail adorned with a triggered garnish that has really important things to say to the world as well with these cool new Pick-Its Cocktail Picks.

These clever cocktail garnish picks are hilarious little picket signs protesting things like, Equal Pours For All, Make Cocktails Not War, Keep Booze Legal, Garnish Drinks Not Wages, and many more important sayings. The set includes 24 cocktail picks with 12 different picket sign slogans and are perfect for serving cocktails during election night parties (before the fighting starts), drinking in a picket line of people who picket things for a living, or just while boozing it up while having a psychotic meltdown online because one other person somewhere in the world got offended by... *Insert Anything Here*.

They also make super fun appetizer picks too... until someone finds the meatballs troubling or something. 🤷‍♂️

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  • Pick-Its are designed to look like tiny protest picket signs
  • 12 clever sayings fit for any picket line
  • Set of 24 cocktail pickets are perfect for your next martini march or spritzer sit-in
  • A fun gift for those that like standing in the picket line or prefer sitting behind their white picket fence
  • Examples: Liquor for the People, I Support the Cocktail Party, Garnish Drinks Not Wages, Give Booze a Chance

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