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Slim Arcade Machine Cabinet - 12,000+ Retro Games!

Slim Arcade Machine Cabinet - 12,000+ Retro Games!

Slim Arcade Machine Cabinet - 12,000+ Retro Games!

Forget those cheap, half-sized little arcade cabinets showing up lately with just a few games on them or typical full-sized units that are thousands of dollars and check out this cool new Slim Arcade Machine Cabinet instead. This full-sized, yet space-saving slim depth arcade cabinet is hand-built and pre-loaded with over 12,000 retro games from arcade classics to video games from over 30 game consoles. It more or less contains just about every game released before the year 2000. When not playing all your favorite video games, it's built-in 250 watt 6.5" speakers and amp allow it to be used as a full-blown jukebox or you can even play movies from Netflix, Roku, Sling, and more through the 32" television/arcade monitor. It can be ordered with either 2 player or 4 player button configurations and there are 5 marquee design choices. Best of all, no quarters required!

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  • The ultimate in retro arcade machine cabinet gaming at home without paying $5k or $8k for it
  • 12,000+ games from 30+ various consoles from the past such as Arcade classics, Playstation, Mame, Atari, Sega Genesis, and many more
  • All the classic games from the late 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s
  • New 32" TCL smart tv (Netflix, Roku, Sling, etc.)
  • New buttons (Sanwa style)
  • New amp (can be used as a jukebox)
  • New Boss 6.5" speakers (250 watts)
  • New LED lights with a remote (LEDs are under the keyboard, around the tv, and behind the marquee)
  • New Raspberry PI B Plus with a 128gb micro SD card
  • Built to order
  • Size: Depth: 24" D x 30" L x 72" H

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