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Wilson X Connected Football

Wilson X Connected Football

Wilson X Connected Football

When you combine the physical world with the digital one, you get this cool new Wilson X Connected Football. Put down the video game controller, get yourself outside, and toss around this high-tech smart football in 5 game modes to track velocity, spin, spiral efficiency, distance, and Wx rating in realtime on the free app on your smartphone. This is the world's first connected football of the NFL with an embedded smart sensor that connects to your Apple or Android device via wireless Bluetooth to breakdown each throw into comprehensive stats and competitive rankings. The only downside is that you'll probably find out real quick how much practice you really need.

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  • Official size football - First connected football of the NFL
  • 5 exciting game modes while tracking each throw for real-time stats
  • Game Modes: QB Warm Up, Elimination Mode, Precision Mode, Game Time, and Final Drive Mode
  • Track each throw for comprehensive stats
  • Offers a breakdown of the velocity, spin, spiral efficiency, distance, and Wx rating
  • Test and challenge your skills with Elimination Mode
  • Throw your best with Precision Mode
  • Play as or against any NFL® team in Game Time Mode
  • Move the chains and find the endzone with Final Drive Mode
  • Compatible with Apple® and Android® devices
  • Embedded, smart sensor is Bluetooth enabled with a non-rechargeable battery good for 200,000 throws
  • Post your scores and stats to see how you rank
  • Fun for up to 8 Players

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