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LED Ski Scooter - Fold-Up Snowboard Kick Scooter

LED Ski Scooter - Fold-Up Snowboard Kick Scooter

LED Ski Scooter - Fold-Up Snowboard Kick Scooter


This cool new Original LED Ski Skooter from Geospace combines a snowboard, kick scooter, skateboard, and sled that allows a rider to traverse across flat, smooth terrain like snow, grass, sand dunes, or even carpeting. Just step onto the non-skid foot treads, activate the 3 mode LED light on the front for visibility and safety, grab the adjustable-height handle, and kick off like a scooter or skateboard to smoothly glide around or find a sledding hill or snowy mountain to shred down. It can also be ridden by kids and adults alike, up to 220 lbs, and folds up for convenient, space-saving storage. Check out this video to see it in action.

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  • Super-tough material flexes slightly for a smooth ride, non-skid foot treads keep feet sturdy
  • Adjustable-height handle helps maintain balance and assists with steering
  • Handle folds down for convenient storage
  • For "Snowboarding" on snow, grass, or even sand dunes
  • Can also ride it like a scooter on flat, smooth surfaces such snow, sand, grass (even carpet)Using one foot to push off the ground
  • 3 Mode LED light included - play in the snow at dusk and at night
  • Max weight: 220 lbs
  • One size fits all
  • Colors: Green, Blue, Purple or Red

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