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VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

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If you're planning on getting in shape this year, but know that you'll just end up sitting on the sofa all year playing video games, then I think I found the perfect compromise with this cool new VirZOOM. This innovative exercise bike combines virtual reality gaming with fitness cycling, because its no fun staring at a wall while you pedal away. To play/exercise, just get on the bike, slip on a compatible VR headset of your choice (not included), choose one of many different free VR games to play, pedal to move faster and faster, steer by leaning side to side, and interact with the games using the integrated game controllers on the handlebars.

Just imagine pedaling along with other virtual reality cyclists through a lush countryside, racing around around the track in a race car, flying a majestic pegasus through the air, kayaking down a river, riding a horse while trying to lasso up bandits, driving a tank into battle, and more - all in immersive VR. This might be the first time that your clothes end up hanging from the abandoned television instead of the exercise bike. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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Yoga By Numbers - Yoga Learning Mat
This innovative rubber yoga mat is imprinted with numbered targets and gridlines to help you achieve proper positioning and alignment with your hands and feet and includes access to a free app that teaches the various yoga poses using an easy to follow numbering system.
YoYo Mat - Self-Rolling, Stay Flat Yoga Mat
An innovative yoga mat that quickly unrolls with a single toss, stays completely flat with no curling edges, and then, after your session, rolls itself up into a tight roll for easy transport and compact storage - no straps or carrying bag needed. It's kind of like a giant version of a slap bracelet.
Dehydration Preventing Pedometer
This high-tech pedometer not only tracks the elapsed time, number of steps and total distance traveled, it also automatically monitors the temperature and relative humidity to predict fluid loss and alerts you when it's time to re-hydrate.
FluidStance Plane - Standing Desk Balance Board / Motion Platform
This innovative balance board is a motion platform for standing desk users or for anyone stuck standing around for long periods of time and is designed to engage the stander in a range of natural movement while allowing them to continue focusing on a task.
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Balance Ball Cover
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Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag
When you're on your way to a yoga class, disguise that boring old yoga mat you're carrying on your shoulder inside this cool new Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag.
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VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
Freestanding sports net designed to be easy to set up and take down with a lightweight frame that quickly inflates in less than a minute. Practice your golf swing in the office!
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
This cool new UFO Night Kite from HENGDA KITE not only illuminates the darkness as you fly it at night, it also might trigger a wave of panicked flying saucer sightings all across your town.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
These wearable snow sleds strap to your legs and allow you to shred down a hill on your knees and then stand up, run back up the hill, and do it again without having to drag along a sled.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
This set of three, different-sized giant LEGO brick studs mount to the wall and hold up jackets, bags, shirts, robes, towels, headphones, or whatever you wish.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
This super soft singing interactive plush pachyderm wiggles its ears and flaps them down over its eyes while playing a game peek-a-boo and also sings the song Do Your Ears Hang Low.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
In the ALIEN movies, despite being so massive, disturbing, and generally terrifying to look at, the ALIEN xenomorph could sometimes hide right in plain sight...
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
Just like the real thing, these fun video game inspired treasure chests illuminate when you lift up the lid and play a satisfyingly familiar treasure-finding tune.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
This massive life-sized grizzly bear depicts one standing up at its full towering height and is handmade by artisans to not only look authentic, but be soft and cuddly at the same time. It's basically one of the biggest teddy bears around.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
Astromech droids from a galaxy far, far away are obviously very versatile robotic multi-tools, but did you know that they also blow bubbles? Perfect for keeping Wookiees entertained.

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