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VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

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If you're planning on getting in shape this year, but know that you'll just end up sitting on the sofa all year playing video games, then I think I found the perfect compromise with this cool new VirZOOM. This innovative exercise bike combines virtual reality gaming with fitness cycling, because its no fun staring at a wall while you pedal away. To play/exercise, just get on the bike, slip on a compatible VR headset of your choice (not included), choose one of many different free VR games to play, pedal to move faster and faster, steer by leaning side to side, and interact with the games using the integrated game controllers on the handlebars.

Just imagine pedaling along with other virtual reality cyclists through a lush countryside, racing around around the track in a race car, flying a majestic pegasus through the air, kayaking down a river, riding a horse while trying to lasso up bandits, driving a tank into battle, and more - all in immersive VR. This might be the first time that your clothes end up hanging from the abandoned television instead of the exercise bike. Check out the video below to see it in action. Cool huh?


  • VirZOOM Virtual Reality Bike and VirZOOM Arcade games included. Play VR. Get Fit
  • The faster you pedal in the real world, the faster you move in the virtual world
  • Steer by leaning your body to each side
  • Action buttons, triggers and d-pad on the handlebars enable advanced game-play
  • VirZOOM Bike has integrated pedaling speed and direction sensors
  • 8 tension control resistance settings
  • Accurately measures heart rate
  • Folds up for easy storage - weighs only 39 pounds
  • Bike Controller is completely wireless via Bluetooth connectivity
  • Arcade is free to play and includes 5 VR exercise games that continuously evolve on a regular basis included for free
  • Play in workout modes such as: Online Multiplayer, Quick-play, Timed, Award Challenge or Hot Seat as well as online leaderboard competitions
  • Cowboy: Jailbreak! Lasso bandits off horses and throw dust devils.
  • Kayak: Lotus Pond. Find ducks for grandmas to feed during the day, and at night lead fish to underwater gems.
  • Cycle: Le Tour. Ride a bicycle through the countryside, drafting behind other cyclists to conserve energy and meeting a new goal every kilometer.
  • Racecar: Curvy Race, Oval Race. Race AI, live players online, and the ghosts of your own best laps on different tracks.
  • Tank: Winterstan. Battle against tanks and mechs controlled by AI and up to eight live players online at a time.
  • Tank: Thunder Bowl. A head-to-head multiplayer tank battle
  • Pegasus: Keep Flying, Gate Race, and Gem Hunt. Search for gems, skim treetops for apples, and race through canyon gates, alone or with live players
  • online.
  • Chopper: River Run. Shoot turrets, dodge missiles, and keep fueled up as long as you can stay in the air
  • Currently compatible with the Samsung GearVR (S8 or S8+), Playstation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Headsets

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