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Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle Table - Portable Work Surface, Organizer, and Storage System

Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle Table - Portable Work Surface, Organizer, and Storage System

When was the last time you put a huge jigsaw puzzle together? I did one recently and it was not only quite satisfying to drop that final piece of the puzzle into place (and a relief that it wasn't missing), it was also very meditative and a great way for my racing mind to zone out for awhile. The problem with jigsaw puzzles though is that they take up an entire table for a long time. So for my next puzzle, I'll be assembling it on something a bit more secure, organized, and portable like this cool new Bits and Pieces Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle Plateau.

This portable wooden jigsaw puzzle table has a smooth work surface measuring 26" x 34", can accommodate most 1500 piece puzzles, has four built-in sliding drawers to help sort or store puzzle pieces, raised edging on two sides to keep the puzzle from sliding off, and no edging on the other two sides allowing you to slide the puzzle off when your finished if you want to glue it and hang it on the wall. It's perfect for being able to work on a puzzle and move it when you need to reclaim the table or transport it safely around your home to better spots like outdoors on the patio, far away from curious cats, over the bath tub, in bed, or just about anywhere. Unfortunately, it's not quite large enough to fit The World's Largest Jigsaw Puzzle.


  • Unique sorting, assembly, and storage system for jigsaw puzzles
  • Keep your unfinished puzzles safe until next time
  • Four wooden-reinforced sliding drawers to sort and store your puzzle pieces
  • Sealed with lacquer finish to prevent warping
  • Work space measures 26" x 34"
  • Fits most 1500 pieces puzzles (puzzle sizes may vary)
  • Create your own designated space for puzzling or transport and store your puzzles in progress

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