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Stalagtable - Cave Stalagmite Coffee Table

Stalagtable - Cave Stalagmite Coffee Table

Stalagmites are unique rock formations that rise up from a cave floor and are created from dripping water that leaves behind a pile of mineral deposits, whereas stalactites are similar formations that hang down from the ceiling of a cave instead. Well, you can almost hear the haunting sounds of the water dripping down and echoing throughout a dark cavern deep underground with this cool new Stalagtable. This cave-inspired table has a glass top that showcases a realistic yet faux stalagmite formation beneath it that is handcrafted by carving rigid foam into stalagmite rock formations that are then hand-painted with detailed layers for a realistic, weathered appearance. Available in either coffee table or side table sizes, perfect for man caves, and no actual spelunking is required. It's even bat-free!

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