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Grand Illusion Table

Grand Illusion Table

Grand Illusion Table

The cool new Grand Illusion Table looks like a table cloth covering a table, but without the table. This amazing table of illusion is handmade with 4mm thick PMMA acrylic by designer John Brauer, so each table is individual and unique. It uses the structural strength of the folded acrylic to maintain its shape and can support up to 55 lbs. The magical design of this table will not only stir up conversation, it's sure to cause head-scratch pondering and double-takes as well.

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  • Designer: John Brauer
  • Design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table
  • Made of 4mm thick PMMA acrylic
  • Handmade, individual and unique
  • Maximum load 55 lbs
  • 21.6" H x 17.3" Diameter

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