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Cardboard Retro Rocket Table

Cardboard Retro Rocket Table

Cardboard Retro Rocket Table

The cool new Rocket Table by designer Luis Rodrigalvarez is a fun corrugated cardboard end table that comes flat-packed and assembles into the space-frame architecture of a retro spaceship. It's strong enough to support the usual things you'll have around a living room sofa, but since it's made from cardboard, always be sure to use a coaster and definitely keep it away from cats.

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  • Designer: Luis Rodrigalvarez
  • Pop up piece of furniture with space-frame architecture that's surprisingly strong
  • Corrugated cardboard design comes flat-packed, with detailed instructions for glue-free slotted assembly
  • Supported by three fin-like legs
  • Made in Charlottesville, VA
  • Size: 25" L x 24" W x 24" H

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