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Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table

Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table

Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table

When you walk into a room and spot a large shrink-wrapped pallet of one million dollars just sitting there out in the open with a drink resting on top of it, aren't you just kind of impressed? Yes, I know it's very rare to see one, if ever, and you're either about to have an awesome night or experience some some very serious problems, but it's still an impressive sight to see. Well, now you can pretend that you're that impressive too just by your choice of furniture and minus the actual million dollars with this cool new yet quite 1980s action movie-inspired Million Dollar Money Cube Table. This, again, impressive side table looks like a very suspicious, shrink-wrapped pallet of cash made up of 100 $10k stacks of phony prop hundred dollar bills and is sure to cause a few bling-induced double-takes. It's the perfect table for a man cave, bank, bar/lounge, mansion, supervillain lair, anyone who's just really into fast cash and dirty deals, or just leave it outside somewhere busy to cause total chaos. Also, if you ever happen to owe a million bucks to someone, now you have a realistic decoy that might be able to temporarily fool them with while you make a fast getaway.

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