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Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table

Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table

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When you walk into a room and spot a large shrink-wrapped pallet of one million dollars just sitting there out in the open with a drink resting on top of it, aren't you just kind of impressed? Yes, I know it's very rare to see one, if ever, and you're either about to have an awesome night or experience some some very serious problems, but it's still an impressive sight to see. Well, now you can pretend that you're that impressive too just by your choice of furniture and minus the actual million dollars with this cool new yet quite 1980s action movie-inspired Million Dollar Money Cube Table. This, again, impressive side table looks like a very suspicious, shrink-wrapped pallet of cash made up of 100 $10k stacks of phony prop hundred dollar bills and is sure to cause a few bling-induced double-takes. It's the perfect table for a man cave, bank, bar/lounge, mansion, supervillain lair, anyone who's just really into fast cash and dirty deals, or just leave it outside somewhere busy to cause total chaos. Also, if you ever happen to owe a million bucks to someone, now you have a realistic decoy that might be able to temporarily fool them with while you make a fast getaway.

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Ghostbusters Slimer Bank
Who ya gonna call when your old piggy bank is overflowing with loose change? Slimer! Yes, the friendly, yet disgusting green blob of a ghost and his gluttonous appetite for just about anything is perfect for holding your savings inside his ectoplasmic body!
Leather Savings Pouch
Looking for a luxuriously cool object to store your extra coins? Well look no further than the Rosendahl Leather Savings Pouch by designer Tommy larsen. This unique coin sack features a leather drawstring sack around a stainless steel funnel. It costs a whopping $134, so you better start saving up, which is ironic since you want to spend money to buy something that saves and stores your money...hmmm.
Indiana Jones - Golden Fertility Idol Bank
You heft your bag of sand and contemplate the weight of the idol, but it could all boil down to the weight of a few pennies. Why? Because this Golden Idol is a BANK!
COINK Piggy Bank
Unlike slow loading, single slot piggy banks, this one lets you quickly empty your coin-filled pockets through a convenient funnel on it's back.
Dresser Valet With Digital Coin Counter
This stylish dresser valet not only organizes and prevents your keys, wallet, and watch from walking off and hiding all by themselves every night, it also has an integrated digital coin counter to collect, count, and keep a tally of your pocketfuls of loose change as well.
Pork Knox Combination Lock Piggy Bank
A stylish new take on the traditional piggy bank design. This ceramic money-hoarding swine is coated in chrome and features a combination lock snout.
Rich Man's Change Bank
This stylish stainless steel canister is the simple solution to collecting all that extra loose change in your pocket.
$500,000 Prop Movie Money Bundles in a Duffel Bag
$500,000 of realistic but completely fake distressed prop money stacks wrapped in bank straps and stashed in a brand new duffel bag, just like you see in the movies.
Monopoly Cheaters Edition
The gameplay now incorporates cards that tell the player which cheat to attempt, like stealing money, skipping out on rent, faking a roll of the dice, etc. and if completed successfully results in a reward, but if caught the player has to pay the consequences and also wear a pair of built-in handcuffs chained to the jail square.

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Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
The perfect way not to lose track of time in your living room.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
Just connect this handcrafted wooden coffee table to your television via HDMI and use the oversized arcade joysticks and buttons on the tabletop to play over 12,000 video games from 38 gaming consoles from the past including Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Playstation, Atari, Sega Genesis, arcade games, and many, many more.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
The cool new Root Coffee Table may look like the root of a giant tree finished down into a decorative outdoor table, but's actually made from a highly detailed and realistic looking resin and fiberglass mix.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
This fun handmade plant stand / end table has a wooden tabletop supported by whimsical bird legs crafted from powder-coated steel rebar.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
This convenient outdoor folding table / work desk hangs from a balcony railing and can be height-adjusted to fit most people.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
This 3/8 inch thick, pencil-edged, round tempered glass end table is held up by a cool Sumo wrestler sculpture named Basho. It's something you definitely don't have!
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
A multi-functional cube made by artisans in Indonesia from sustainably sourced teak wood that can be used as a side table, stool, or even a display stand.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
Has your private cigar collection outgrown your humidor? This luxurious dark mahogany finished coffee table has four built-in humidor drawers lined with premium Spanish cedar that holds and displays up to 400 of your finest cigars.
Shrink-Wrapped Million Dollar Money Cube Table
A robot-shaped storage cabinet that can be used as a living room end table, a bedroom nightstand, or just as general decorative decor while standing around.

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