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Desktop Coin Pusher Game

Desktop Coin Pusher Game

Desktop Coin Pusher Game

Remember when you were a kid at the carnival and they had those awesome coin pusher games? You would put a quarter into the slot on top and it would either drop in or roll down a moveable chute onto a huge stash of quarters. What came next was the sheer anticipation that you timed your quarter drop precisely so that it landed in front of one of the moving "shovels" sliding back and forth hoping it would push your quarter into the rest. If it did, you thought it would cause a massive coin avalanche in winnings...and then it didn't...but it looked like it could spill over at any time you tried again...and again...and again... I don't think I ever got more than two or three quarters to ever fall over the edge and then when they did all I got was a ticket or something, but never any money back. Frustrating for sure, but it was really addictive fun.

Well now you can relive all that excitement and utter disappointment over and over again right on your desk with the cool new Coin Pusher Game. This one pays out in actual quarters, not lame prize tickets, and even has a built-in freeze alarm if someone tries to tilt it and steal the money. Is it legal to put this in an office breakroom?

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