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1950s Crosley Payphone

1950s Crosley Payphone

1950s Crosley Payphone

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Some of you still remember the good old days when you had to search around for a public telephone to make a call. Then you would put coins in, place the call, and people on the other end of the line actually picked up their phone and talked to you. Like just about everything else, modern smartphones have also ruined the fine art of old-fashioned telephone conversation, since no one answers a call anymore. Well, that's fine when you're out and about and just a quick text will do, but when you get back home and you long to have a chat with friends and family on a telephone that you can actually understand a conversation on, then get super nostalgic for landlines once again or for the very first time with this cool new yet totally retro 1950s Crosley Payphone hanging from your wall.

This 1950s style wall-mounted payphone may look old-timey with its rotary dial fashion plate, vertical orientation, and lack of apps, but it has modern phone features like high tech push button technology, adjustable earpiece volume, the magical ability to redial a number, and a handy on/off ringer switch to prevent the endless telemarketing/robo/scam calls during family dinner. It also has functional coin slots and an internal bank that help lend to the phone's authenticity. Best of all, it has a handset that cannot wander off and get lost since it's secured to the phone with a stretchable coiled cord. Available in classic black, red, or pink.

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