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TowlHub - USB Paper Towel Holder / Charger

TowlHub - USB Paper Towel Holder / Charger

TowlHub - USB Paper Towel Holder / Charger

Losing valuable power outlets in your kitchen to the endless smartphones and other devices that need always need charging? The solution is this cool new TowlHub. This sleek stainless steel paper towel holder holds a jumbo paper roll on top and has a handy USB hub on the base that allows charging for up to 4 smartphones, tablets, and other devices at the same time. It features a weighted, non-slip base, a grooved edge to prevent the paper towels from unraveling, a rigid rubber ring that creates enough friction to tear a single sheet with one hand, and a removable top knob that can replaced and personalized with your favorite wine bottle stopper. Great solution.

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  • Stylish and sturdy paper towel holder - sleek, stainless steel, contemporary design
  • 4 built-in USB charging ports (2.0 protocol)
  • Saves space - replaces four individual USB chargers
  • Charges any 4 devices at the same time
  • Fits any standard or jumbo sized paper towel roll
  • Weighted, non-slip base is heavy enough to provide stability
  • Grooved edge keeps paper towels from unraveling
  • Top is equipped with a rigid rubber ring that adds friction to tear a single sheet tear using just one hand
  • Frees up other electrical outlets for your many other kitchen appliances
  • Top is customizable, featuring a knob that may be removed or replaced with your own wine stopper

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