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Freshly Baked Bread Oven Mitts

Freshly Baked Bread Oven Mitts

Freshly Baked Bread Oven Mitts

These cool new Freshly Baked Oven Mitts are two cotton oven mitts camouflaged as realistic-looking sliced baguettes with a brown and crusty exterior, a white and fluffy interior, and made from 100% gluten-free materials. These right and left handed mitts are heat, steam, and stain-resistant, have articulated thumbs for a better grip, and one size fits all. Since they look like real sliced baguettes, they can safely be stored out in plain site as a tasty-looking kitchen decor... but don't accidentally make a sandwich with them!

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  • A set of two freshly baked bread inspired oven gloves
  • Realistic looking sliced baguettes
  • Brown and crusty print on the outside, white and fluffy on the inside
  • Right and left handed mitts included
  • Heat, steam and stain-resistant
  • Articulated thumb will make sure you have good grip
  • 100% cotton
  • Gluten-free
  • One size fits all

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