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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts

Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts

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These cool new yet quite retro-inspired Chomp Oven Mitts from Fred are pot holders inspired by the classic Chattering Teeth wind-up novelty toy, minus the chattering. Just slip your hands into these heat-resistant toothy silicone oven mitts and smile as you safely handle hot pans, pots, and dishes around the kitchen. They're perfect for dentists, magicians, comedians, or anyone with dentures and come in a set of two.

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Royal VKB Mitten Apron - Apron With Built-In Oven Mitts
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Magnotag Magnetic Oven Mitts
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Skeleton Oven Mitt
Sure the scary bones of the skeleton hand make for spooky kitchen decor, but they also serve as a grisly reminder what searing heat can do to your flesh!
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
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