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Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts

Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts

Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts

Protect your paws, er hands, from extreme heat when handling hot pans from the oven (or a big bowl of porridge that is way too hot) with these cool new Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts. Obviously, polar bears prefer to keep their paws nice and cool, so you can do the same when you slip on these polar bear-inspired oven mitts made from insulated cotton with paw pads and claws made from heat-resistant silicone. So now you can go ahead and handle screaming hot dishes and pans right from the oven with your "bear" hands. The set includes a right and left paw. GRRR... 🐻‍❄️👨‍🍳

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