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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt

The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt

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"The cave is collapsing!"

"This is no cave."

- Princess Leia and Han Solo

The cool new Space Slug Oven Mitt is probably the most ridiculously fun oven mitt in the entire universe, even a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. This oven mitt is the perfect way to protect your hands while preparing a boiling pot of delicious Dagobah rootleaf stew or just barbecuing up a feast when Darth Vader decides to stop by for dinner. Although the glove is based on those gigantic space slugs that lived in the caverns and craters of asteroids in The Empire Strikes Back, this one is only 12" long and is made from a fire-retardant nomex cotton blend, rather than being a silicon based lifeform. It's also perfect for scaring away cats that like to chew on your power cables!

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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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The Empire Strikes Back - Space Slug Oven Mitt
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