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GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts

GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts

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When you need to hold on to something hot in the kitchen or on the grill, don't mess up your fancy oven mitts, just slip your hands into these cool new GripMitts. This set of two handy silicone gripper mitts are perfect for holding onto hot foods while carving, grilling, prepping, cooking, grabbing, or slicing them. Hold down hot roasts while carving, grab a hot baking sheet from the oven, flip hot food on the grill, lift hot pan handles, carry a hot potato from the microwave, and so much more.

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Pac-Man Oven Mitt
Pac-Man always had an appetite... now he's back from the 80's and ready to gobble up your pots and pans! He's made of pure, heat handling silicone so your hands will stay nice and safe!
Santa's Glove Oven Mitt
Inspired by actual oven mitts from North Pole kitchens, this cool new Santa's Glove Oven Mitt is the perfect way to keep your hands safe while baking the cookies for Santa's visit and a fun and festive way to decorate your kitchen for the holidays.
Flamitts - Flame Oven Mitts
Transform your hands into giant flames with these whimsical flaming oven mitts designed for safely handling hot dishes from the oven.
Chomp - Chattering Teeth Oven Mitts
These cool new yet quite retro-inspired Chomp Oven Mitts are pot holders inspired by the classic Chattering Teeth wind-up novelty toy, minus the chattering.
Shark Oven Mitt
Just slip this fearsome marine predator over your hand and it's safe to go back in the oven!
Bubble Wrap Oven Mitt
Safely transport dishes in and out of a hot oven while keeping your hands damage-free.
Disney Mickey Mouse Gloves Oven Mitts
These whimsical silicone oven mitts look just like Mickey Mouse's famous oversized cartoon glove hands!
Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts
Protect your paws, er hands, when handling hot pans from the oven (or big bowls of way too hot porridge) with these cool new Polar Bear Claws Oven Mitts.
Denim Jeans Oven Mitt
Do you want an oven mitt that is tough and durable, never goes out of style, and goes with everything? Then put on a pair of your favorite old jeans and head to the kitchen to slip on this cool new Denim Days Oven Mitt. This rugged, long-lasting cotton denim oven mitt is made to order in the USA using the same seaming reinforcement techniques used to make a pair of medium vintage wash jeans.

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GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
Oven mitts with strong built-in magnets to keep them securely attached to the oven, fridge, or any other metal surface when not needed.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
Transform your classic KitchenAid stand mixer into the most fearsome small appliance in your kitchen when you apply these cool new WWII Flying Tiger Shark Fighter Plane Decals to its fuselage
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
This unique modern stainless steel flatware isn't quite flat, because it features a unique angled design that seemingly floats the ends above the table to avoid contact with the linens below.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
If you really like avocados, love to judge things, and are looking for something to do everyday, then behold this cool new Avocado Ripeness Ranker.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
These luxuriously modern and heavy duty salt and pepper mills have adjustable, ceramic grinders that feature a distinct and uniquely developed grinding sound.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
Pounding on tough cuts of steak with a regular meat tenderizer may help to improve the taste and texture, but if you don't feel like making a deafening racket while looking like a crazed barbarian, then check out this cool new Microplane Rocking Meat Tenderizer.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
This stylish new oil and vinegar cruet set uses a double-layered glass design to seemingly suspend oil and vinegar in mid-air above the table.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
Rustic wooden serving tray has notches on the sides to help you cut 12 equal slices.
GripMitt - Silicone Kitchen and Grill Gripper Mitts
A fun, hand-powered blender for kids that lets them make banana juice and banana smoothies with ease.

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