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Kapoosh - Stainless Steel Univeral Knife Holder

Kapoosh - Stainless Steel Univeral Knife Holder

The cool new Kapoosh - Stainless Steel Knife Holder provides unique and universal storage for all your knives and utensils, no matter the size or shape. Unlike most knife blocks that have a set number of slots, the Kapoosh is tightly packed with removable polypropylene freedom rods that not only safely secures the knives in place, but keeps them sharp as well.

Simply stick your knives or utensils into the Kapoosh knife block anywhere you want, at any angle and even mix and match knives from different sets. It features a lower, smaller tier that is perfect for steak knives, a sleek stainless steel housing that matches most modern kitchen decors and removable, washable and dishwaser safe freedom rods. It's definitely an innovative solution to cutlery organization and a fun conversation piece as well.

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