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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer

SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer

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This cool new SlotDog quickly slices a unique criss-cross diamond pattern into a hot dog that allows it to grill up faster and more evenly, taste better with crispy caramelized-edges, and give condiments and toppings something to hang onto. To use, just grab a weiner, press the SlotDog stainless steel blades down on each side of it, and then grill like normal until the slots expand and get nice and crispy. It's perfect for summer cookouts, tailgating, campfires, and more and just might make a corndog more interesting as well. Check out the video below to see it in action. 🌭

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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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SlotDog - Criss-Cross Hot Dog Slicer
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