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Menu Champagne Saber

Menu Champagne Saber

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"Champagne! In victory one deserves it! In defeat, one needs it!" - Napoleon (supposedly)

Whether it's New Year's Eve, an extravagant dinner party, or you just want to drink champagne extra dramatically with friends, then you need this cool new Menu Champagne Saber. Popping a cork off a champagne bottle is always kinda scarily exciting, but if you use this polished, stainless steel saber to slice the top off a champagne bottle, it becomes an epic event. To use, just find the vertical seam on the bottle and slide this blunt sword down until it meets the top lip of the bottle causing the entire neck to break away in a bubbly rush, so be ready to pour. No need to worry about glass shards getting into your drink because the immense pressure inside the bottle will deal with that. Check out the video below to see this fun sabrage in action.

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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
This New Year's Eve, after a victory, or just whenever you want to bust out some fine bubbly, dramatically slice open a bottle with this modern Champagne Saber.
Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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Menu Champagne Saber
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