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Mad Science Bartending Set

Mad Science Bartending Set

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Attention mad scientists! After you have finished re-animating the dead, completed your unstoppable mega death ray, added the final circuit to your time machine or simply feel like you need a timeout from playing God with your latest unholy technological invention, you should break out the ultra cool and super evil Mad Science Bartending Set. This wickedly ingenious alcoholic tool set includes everything you will ever need for your secret underground laboratory wet bar, including a cocktail shaker with built-in strainer, a glass beaker and glass stirrer, four glass test tubes and a black metal carrying tray.

So loosen that lab coat, take off those goggles, grab your goofy hump-backed assistant and conjur up an alcoholic concoction to celebrate your imminent triumph of conquering the world... or perhaps destroying it. Simply add one part science, a really healthy dose of alcohol and top it off with pure madness!

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