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Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet

While normally you wouldn't want a missile in your living room, I guarantee you wouldn't mind beholding a 1970s R.A.F. MK1 PRACTICE CLUSTER BOMB that has been safely repurposed into a jaw-droppingly luxurious liquor cabinet. Standing more than 8 feet tall and weighing in at 600 lbs, this cool new Cluster Bomb Drinks Cabinet from Fallen Furniture shows that cocktails and cluster bombs do pair nicely. Inside the shiny missile's fuselage are three glass shelves that revolve around a gold-plated spindle for displaying your finest spirits and glassware, while a lacquered American walnut sliding platform houses custom-made cocktail utensils in the base. A great way to get bombed whether you live in a mysterious super-villain lair, a converted missile silo, or even just a lowly man cave.

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