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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit

Build-Your-Own Casket Kit

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Here's a fun little weekend project that will save you and your family a bit of cash down the road... at the very end. This cool new Build-Your-Own Casket Kit includes everything you need to build your own basic, no-frills pine box coffin in only a few hours of your life. It features unfinished pre-cut sustainable pine wood pieces, rope, natural cotton shams to stuff for pillows, screws, glue, sandpaper, and detailed assembly instructions. It's perfect for thrifty DIYers, minimalists, an upgrade to a cardboard box cremation, vampires looking for low cost bedroom furniture, or anyone who wants to give the most unusual gift ever. If you want to go all the way... dig your own grave first.

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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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Build-Your-Own Casket Kit
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