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Chunky Timber Coffee Table

Chunky Timber Coffee Table

Chunky Timber Coffee Table

This cool new Chunky Timber Coffee Table is a rustic low profile coffee table that is crafted from reclaimed beams of Douglas fir, yet is actually more lightweight than it looks. While it may appear to be as though six heavy timber beams are joined together and resting upon a recessed pedestal base, they're actually 2" thick slabs expertly formed into a hollow design to keep the weight down. Each of these stunning wooden tables are made in the USA.

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  • Made from reclaimed Douglas fir
  • Creates the look of six joined timbers
  • Chunky low table with an indented pedestal base
  • 2" thick slabs of 10" beams to create the rustic effect of a more cumbersome piece in this lightweight alternative
  • Made in USA
  • Measures: 44" L x 28" W x 12" H

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