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The Everything Table

The Everything Table

The Everything Table

This cool new Everything Table from designer Ryan Taylor is a unique coffee table inspired by the shape of a Japanese Taiko drum that has a glass top with an opening allowing you to store everything and anything down within the table table itself. It's perfect for serving up cold drinks on ice, filling with tasty popcorn on movie nights, using as a planter or terrarium, storing the endless remote controls, holding toys and games, hiding a sleep cat, or anything else you think to put in there. It features a 5" hole in the glass tabletop and is available in two sizes.

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  • Visually inspired by Japanese Taiko drums
  • Everything Table is a multifunctional workhorse for storing and displaying items in your home
  • Use it as a terrarium or magazine rack. Store your kid’s toys inside or use it as a stylish ice bucket. Use it for anything and everything
  • Access the inside via a 5" inch hole opening in the glass
  • Material: Low Iron Glass, Powder-coated Spun Aluminum, Powder-coated Steel
  • Size Short: 20" x 20" x 15.75" H
  • Size Tall: 20" x 20" x .25" H

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