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Baleares Pop-Up Ottoman / Beverage Cooler

Baleares Pop-Up Ottoman / Beverage Cooler

Baleares Pop-Up Ottoman / Beverage Cooler

This summer, keep the drinks flowing to your guests without having to keep getting up for another round with this cool new Baleares Pop-Up Ottoman that has a secret hidden beverage cooler inside it. It features a faux teak wood top that looks and feels real, an ice cooler in the base, and high-performance wicker surrounding it. To use, just pop it up, grab another cold one, lower the top back down, and use it to either put your feet up while enjoying the day or use it as a small table to set your drinks on in either the raised or lowered positions. Convenient.

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  • Outdoor ottoman that easily raises and lowers for access to a concealed beverage tub
  • Faux-wood top looks and feels like teak
  • High-performance wicker is wrapped around an all-weather, powdercoated aluminum frame
  • Crafted to withstand the elements
  • When closed and used, it transitions into a traditional ottoman
  • Table can remain at the taller height to create a gathering space to eat and drink

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