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SportsStuff 60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler

SportsStuff 60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler

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There's nothing better than floating around in the pool on a blistering hot summer day with a cold drink in hand. However, that peaceful moment of pure zen is always broken when your beverage runs out and you have to leave the pool to get another. Why keep a cooler that is completely stocked with ice cold beverages and then keep it completely out of reach? It should be right there in the pool, floating around with you. That's the idea behind the ingenious Sportsstuff 60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler.

This ingenious floating cooler holds a staggering 48 cans of beer, soda and other refreshments, is towable behind your raft, has a zippered lid and 4 cup holders so you don't have to leave your empty beer cans floating around the pool behind you. Great for the beach, lake or pool, because you'll never have to leave the water again!

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On your next trip to the beach, day out on the boat, relaxing picnic somewhere out in the great outdoors, or anyplace you wish to bring along chilled food and drinks, skip the harmful single use foam coolers that break, pollute the environment, and make horrible, spine-tingling squeak noises and check out these cool new Igloo Recool Coolers instead that are not only biodegradable, they're reusable as well.
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This rugged, all-terrain insulated cooler that can be worn like a backpack and has a built-in tap for dispensing your favorite beverage.
Beluga Whale Planter / Beverage and Ice Tub
A large planter inspired by the majestic Arctic Beluga Whale that also doubles as a unique ice-filled beverage tub.
Octopus Beverage Tub
This nautical and somewhat intimidating beverage tub is held aloft from the eight arms of a huge octopus base below it.
Magnetic Stainless Steel Koozie
A sleek, brushed stainless steel beer koozie with strong magnets in the base, so you can stick it to anything metal.
Strong Beer Cooler - Chills Cans in Minutes
Just pop in your favorite beer or soda can, add some ice, turn it on, and in just minutes you'll have an icy cold beverage.
Giant Football Cooler
Super-sized, multi-purpose pigskin holds ice, half-barrel kegs and even doubles as a storage bin / toy box when not in use!
Dometic MoBar - The Ultimate Outdoor Mobile Bar Cart
This is the ultimate mobile bar cart for doing some serious entertaining outdoors in total luxurious style.
Whale Ice Bucket
This fun ice bucket / party tub is made from aluminum and is shaped like a whale, scaled down of course.

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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
An inflatable inner tube pool float that is appropriately shaped like a donut with frosting, sprinkles and a huge bite taken out of it.
SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
This unique patio furniture set submerges down into the cool, soothing waters of your swimming pool, so you and three guests can beat the summer heat!
SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
This finely detailed and realistic inflatable pachyderm is ridiculously huge, standing a whopping 7 feet tall!
SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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SportsStuff  60 Quart Inflatable Floating Cooler
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