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Mack's Ear Dryer

Mack's Ear Dryer

Summer is endless fun until you get water trapped in your ears. Well, the days of walking around with a tilted head waiting for it to unclog and hopefully drain out are over, just use this cool new Mack's Ear Dryer. This handy device effectively dries the outer ear canal in about one minute safely, comfortably, and naturally. It features a computer-controlled heater and fan that regulates airflow, temperature, and noise level automatically, includes five color-coded, washable earpieces and provides 50 drying cycles per charge if you're especially prone this uncomfortable condition.


  • Safe, comfortable, and natural way to effectively dry the outer ear canal in about one minute
  • Fast, effective, and comfortable for all ages to use after swimming, bathing, water sports, or hearing aid use
  • Computer chip, heater and fan regulates airflow, temperature, and noise level automatically
  • Includes five color-coded, washable earpieces
  • Provides 50 drying cycles on a single charge
  • Effectively dries the outer ear canal where bacteria can grow
  • Patented folding unit fits easily into a gym bag, pool tote, or purse

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