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Dog Splash Pad Sprinkler Pool

Dog Splash Pad Sprinkler Pool

Dog Splash Pad Sprinkler Pool

As we enter the sweltering dog days of summer, cool down your furry best friend and let them splash around in the refreshing cold water of this cool new Dog Splash Pad Sprinkler Pool. Just connect the garden hose to this canine-sized splash pad and giant plumes of sprinkling water shoot up from the sides into the center where your beyond happy dog is already biting at the spraying water and splashing around with glee. Jealous? You can jump in there and splash around too. It features durable tear- and puncture-resistant PVS construction, can fit medium and large sized dog breeds, and folds up for easy storage. Hmm, your cat will be watching this all go down from the air-conditioned house.

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  • Sprinkling splash pad specifically designed to keep canines cool in hot weather
  • Made from durable PVC that resists tearing and punctures
  • Hooks up easily by attaching to a standard garden hose
  • Tiny perforations along the sides project plumes of water into the air, showering all who venture onto the mat
  • Accommodates medium and large size breeds
  • Folds for travel and storage
  • Size: 51" Diameter x 5.75" H - 2 lbs

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