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PawkieTalkie - Recordable Talking Buttons For Pets

PawkieTalkie - Recordable Talking Buttons For Pets

PawkieTalkie - Recordable Talking Buttons For Pets

I think I've figured out most basic communications with the office cat here at Headquarters. If she stares at me for hours on end, she wants food. If she starts walking around yowling to herself, she wants treats. If she stands by the water bowl, it's empty. However, with this cool new PawkieTalkie, dogs and cats can finally speak with their owners simply by being trained to push recordable talking buttons. Start with one button and record a word or phrase on it and then encourage or reward your pet to step on it. For example, one button could be "treats" or "outside" or "walk" or whatever you want and then you train them over time to press it. It includes 12 recordable buttons and 2 mats to hold them all if your pet gets really good at it. I would love to try it with the cat, but I think she'll just be endlessly smacking that "treats" button all day and night. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • Teach your pet to communicate with Recordable Pet Training Buttons
  • Each button can be customized with different words or phrases, like, "Play, Outside, Water, or Treats."
  • Start with one or two, then add more buttons over time to train your dog or cat to react and communicate with each button
  • Includes 2 mats with a total of 12 recordable buttons
  • Each button can record up to 30 seconds of high-quality sound
  • Includes label stickers

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