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FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls

FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls

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This Summer, when the sweltering temperatures rise and you chill out with an icy cold drink... don't forget your furry best friend. Instead of tossing a few ice cubes in your dog or cat's water bowl to cool it down, use this literally cool new FrostyBowlz instead. These innovative stainless steel bowls keep your pet's water and food cool and fresh for 14+ hours, even on the hottest of days. After freezing the frosty core filled with non-toxic gel, just slip it in between the bowl and bottom plate and let the cooling action begin. It features a non-skid rubber grip to prevent sliding, an external water reservoir to prevent crawling insects from reaching the food and water, and is available in small, medium and large sizes. Great solution.

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Cardboard Cat Lounger
This modern ergonomically curved cat lounger is made up of 100% recyclable cardboard hardboard end-panels combined one-by-one with non-toxic adhesives.
Big Bone - Ceramic Dog Treat Cookie Jar
A ceramic cookie jar shaped just like a giant bone, meant for storing your dog's favorite biscuits and treats.
Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
This robotic pet monitoring / home surveillance camera allows you to interact with your dog or cat, day or night, by remotely controlling it from an app.
Chilled Pet Water Bowl
This summer, when the scorching heat and humidity is unbearable, help keep your dog or cat cool and properly hydrated when you treat them to a chilled bowl of water that stays cold all day long.
Pooch Selfie - Smartphone Squeaker Ball Gets Dog's Attention
Having trouble convincing your furry best friend to partake in a selfie with you? Then simply attach this cool new Pooch Selfie - Smartphone Squeaker Ball to your smartphone to grab a dog's attention long enough to take the perfect selfie.
Cat In The Bag
It really looks like there is a cat inside a bag frisking around inside for something or just being playful! This should drive your cat absolutely nuts.
Ripple Rug - Interactive Cat Activity Mat
This unique interactive cat activity mat is not only a great safe spot for your furry feline friend to hide, nap, explore, and plan future pounce attacks from, it also folds up for easy storage when guests arrive.
Breed Retreat - Luxurious Modern Hen House
This modern architectural hen house has multiple levels and sections for chickens to retreat, lay eggs, and live the relaxing life of luxury.
Santa Claus Dog Rider Costume
This funny pet costume lets a miniature Santa Claus ride upon the back of your dog like a sleigh and includes a hoodie with little reindeer antlers.

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FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
Just add apples, oranges, and other round fruits through the top opening and they'll fill the spiral wire basket and dispense into an attractive stainless fruit bowl in the base.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
This set of 8 jigsaw puzzle sorting trays allow you to sort up to 2000 pieces by their patterns, shapes, and colors and the black background helps the pieces stand out for quicker and easier puzzle solving.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
I was looking for a cool bowl for nuts to go with my awesome Squirrel Nutcracker and I came across this beauty!
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
Bring the excitement and fun of the movie theater to your living room with this fantastic ceramic popcorn bowl that resembles the iconic red and white striped containers.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
A decorative bowl molded from a real tree stump using a highly refractory ceramic called magnesia with a hand-applied silver leaf finish.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
When you're all sitting around a roaring campfire on a hot summer night making tasty s'mores, don't let everyone fight over digging their grubby hands into the marshmallow bag and graham cracker packages and then toss chocolate wrappers all over the place. Make s'mores in a more civilized way with this cool new S'mores Campfire Serving Board.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
Transform any sizable planting into a stunning centerpiece when planted upon this large weathered iron vessel.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
While this cool newNASA Apollo Capsule Cookie Jar may not have actually landed on the moon like the real thing, it does hold tasty cookies here on Earth.
FrostyBowlz - Chilled Dog and Cat Bowls
Crafted from hand-painted dolomite, this spooky witch hat has plenty of room around its brim for chips, crackers, vegetables, and other assorted appetizers and a removable top that reveals a central bowl for holding dips, sauces, and other gooey concoctions.

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