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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser

Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser

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When you're not at home, does your dog or cat get separation anxiety, tear up the house, need more exercise, or just need to be checked up on? Then check out this cool new Youpet Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser. This robotic pet monitoring camera allows you to interact with your dog or cat, day or night, by remotely controlling it from an app. It features 360 degrees of movement, a 1080p HD night vision camera, a red laser dot that moves around on the floor, two-way audio communication, and allows you to toss a treat with the push of a button. It's also great for home surveillance when you're away, but if you come across a burglar, don't give them a treat.

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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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Movable Robotic Pet Camera / Treat Dispenser
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