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Big Joe Wavy Starfish Pool Float

Big Joe Wavy Starfish Pool Float

Big Joe Wavy Starfish Pool Float

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Pool floats all basically have the same boring rectangular shape that need to be inflated, so save your breath and mix it up this summer by lounging on a colorful giant floating starfish with this cool new Big Joe Wavy Starfish Pool Float. This massive five foot diameter pool float is shaped like a whimsical starfish, is quick-drying, and no inflation is required. It's filled with comfortable buoyant fluffy beans instead of air to help keep you afloat and covered in a mesh fabric that has mesmerizing colors that fade into one another and accented with cosmic metallic piping. Unlike a real starfish though, this one cannot regenerate its arms, so avoid cannonballing it.


  • Float is covered in a quick-drying mesh fabric in vibrant ombre colors in an adorable starfish shape
  • Big Joe pool floats are filled with fluffy, lightweight beans for all the buoyancy you’ll need
  • No inflation needed
  • When it's time to get out of the water, your pool float drains quickly
  • Beautifully crafted in color tones that fade into one another with a fun cosmic metallic piping detail that enhances the iconic silhouette and gives an elevated look
  • Designed for pool use only
  • Large in size for lots of wiggle room
  • Size: 58" W x 58" D x 7" H - 4 lbs

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