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Speedo Hydro Shredders

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Speedo Hydro Shredders

Get out of the boring old gym and into the pool with these cool new Speedo Hydro Shredders. Just get in the pool, put a Hydro Shredder into each hand, and push, pull, and twist them through the water to create resistance for an intense upper body workout. The harder and faster you move them , the more resistance they produce as the water flows through unique valves and tubercle channels. Best of all, when you finish your workout... you're in a refreshing swimming pool, enjoy.


  • Extreme Upper Body Resistance Training
  • Valves and tubercle technology channels water flow and maximizes resistance
  • Offers superior traction during linear movements
  • Designed for planar movements
  • Extended handle size with no slip grip (one or two)
  • Sold as a set

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