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Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag

Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag

Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag

When you're on your way to a yoga class, disguise that boring old yoga mat you're carrying on your shoulder inside this cool new Quiver Of Arrows Yoga Bag. Yep, this fun yoga bag is camouflaged like a quiver of arrows AKA a bag of arrows. It features an interior pocket for keys, wallet, or a phone, an extra wide strap, and a full-length zipper for easy access. Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen not included.

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  • Turn your muscles into a band of merry men
  • Interior pocket for keys, wallet, or phone
  • Comfortable, extra-wide cotton strap
  • Full-length zipper for easy access
  • 100% cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • Size: 28" L

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