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FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform

FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform

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In the 21st century, we have reduced society to doing nothing more than sitting down and looking at endless screens all day. Wouldn't it be nice to get some healthy cardiovascular exercise or just any movement whatsoever in while while watching or interfacing with all these screens? One solution is this cool new FitDesk X1.

This innovative, lightweight exercise bike has a built-in sliding platform to hold your laptop, book, tablet, and more while you pedal away. It features a compact folding design, massage rollers strategically placed for daily relief from typing strain, a performance meter w/odometer, a hand-strengthening squeeze grip, and a quiet, twin belt, high velocity flywheel. Great at office, home, or anytime you want to move and be productive. I hope future versions generate power to charge up laptops while pedaling.

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Smart Weighted Hula Hoop - Won't Fall Down!
Unlike traditional hula hoops that always seem to fall down and get boring quick, this cool new Smart Weighted Hula Hoop is designed for fitness and locks in around your waist as a tethered 1.5 pound ball swings around the 360 degree track to help you burn fat, lose weight, tone your figure, get a massage, and have fun doing it.
OranguBag - World's First Portable Punching Bag
This is the world's first portable punching bag that quickly straps to a tree trunk or strong pillar with ease so you can train anytime, anywhere you wish.
VirZOOM - Virtual Reality Exercise Bike
This innovative exercise bike combines virtual reality gaming with fitness cycling, because its no fun staring at a wall while you pedal away.
Chester Club - Chesterfield Sofa-Inspired Tufted Leather Punching Bag
Enjoy working out on a heavy bag? Well now you can unleash a violent barrage of furious punches and brutal, devastating kicks in a much more refined and civilized manner with this heavyweight punching bag from designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Italian luxury furniture designers Poltrona Frau that's wrapped in the classic tufted leather style of an iconic Chesterfield sofa.
Stamina X Water Rower - Compact Rowing Machine
This innovative, compact rowing machine uses water resistance to simulate the feel of real rowing and unlike other full-sized water rowers, places the water wheel below the rower instead of on the end to save space.
Schatzii FireFly - Running and Biking Safety Shoe Light Clips
No matter whether you're running, cycling, walking, or just stumbling about outside at night, then clip on these cool new Schatzii FireFly Light Clips to the heel of your shoes to be extra visible in the darkness.
Arm Wrestling Trainer
Wish you could win arm wrestling bouts with your friends, random challenges at the bar from drunken psychos, or just go over the top with a professional career? Then you're going to need to practice your technique and create super forearms and powerful wrists with this cool new Arm Wrestling Trainer.
Retro Heritage Top Grain Cowhide Leather Heavy Punching Bag
A built-to-last, handcrafted heavy bag made from heavy-duty top grain cowhide leather with reinforced hand-stitching and a pro-grade stainless steel chain.
SolarFlex - Heated Exercise Mat
This innovative foam exercise mat has undetectable built-in heating coils that emit and evenly distribute far infrared energy to warm up your muscles while stretching before exercising.

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FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
Having trouble opening an envelope, especially in space? Well forget flamethrowers, pulse rifles, acid for blood, or even artificial people to help you open it, just use the powerful inner mouth from a Xenomorph to puncture through it with ease using this cool new ALIEN Letter Opener.
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
Tap one of these magical Mario mushrooms straight out of the Mushroom Kingdom for some old school 8-bit illumination!
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
A paperweight that looks exactly like crumpled up piece of legal paper.
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
A typical Newton's Cradle toy on a desk at the office not only alleviates boredom through hypnotic swinging balls, it also demonstrates Sir Issac Newton's law of conservation of momentum. This one does all these things, but adds fun illumination as well.
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
I love the new Amigo Leather Kangaroo Desk Caddy. Soon it will be on my desk here at HEADquarters holding my pens, sticky notes, markers, paper clips and other assorted office stuff. You see, Kangaroos are very cool animals with built-in pockets to hold things and since they have yet to be miniaturized to hold pens for me on my desk, this is a perfect solution.
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
When you absolutely must secure papers down in a strangely windy, yet climate-controlled windowless office, you can't go wrong with this set of three hefty cast iron mini anvils!
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
How cool would it be to have a full-scale shooting gallery at the office? You could take a break, hit the watercooler to quench your thirst and then fire off a little stress shooting at targets. Well unfortunately I don't think most places of business would like to have an arsenal of real weapons in their employee's hands, but there is a fun and safe alternative, the Automatic Cube Weapon Target indoor shooting gallery. This thing has automatic targets that fall down as they are shot and pop-up when all have been hit. Surrounding the unit is a large mesh trap that collects the spent ammo. It doesn't come with any toy weapons or ammo, but you could use low cost rubber bands, spitballs, crumpled paper or invest in a few compatible High-Tech Cubicle Warfare Toys!
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
Just lick these envelopes and enjoy flavor of tasty bacon! Mmmmm, Mail!
FitDesk X1 - Folding Exercise Bike With Sliding Desk Platform
No-nonsense, heavy-duty paper shredder eliminates the hassle of manual paper insertion by automatically feeding up to 100 sheets into its level 3 security cross-cutting blades!

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