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Knock On Wood Knocker

Knock On Wood Knocker

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"I am the one who knocks!'" - Walter White (Breaking Bad)

There are times in all of our lives when we decide to openly tempt fate or boast about our lucky selves, which usually ends in us having to say or physically do, the "knock on wood" gesture to prevent malevolent karma from kicking in. Why do we feel the need to do superstitious things like this as a culture? I haven't a clue, but it obviously can't hurt, right? Hmm, maybe knocking on wood does the opposite and actually makes us unlucky because the universe prefers confidence, but we're too afraid to not do it? Anyways, perhaps you need to knock on wood after saying something you might regret, yet no wood is available to you and you have laryngitis or you just need a funny conversation starter for your desk at the office, then check out this cool new Knock On Wood Knocker. No need to knock on wood yourself, because this little interactive curio will do the knocking for you. Just press down on the sculptural, spring-loaded pewter hand to knock on the oak wood base below. It's also much safer than if knocked on wood with a monkey's paw.

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Knock On Wood Knocker
Stacking stones inspired by the unique stone figure markers used by the Inuits up in the Arctic, but instead of requiring any stone stacking skills whatsoever, these are magnetized for your stacking pleasure.
Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
Thankfully, for safety's sake, these little paper airplane push pins don't fly, but they do add the very, very, very slightest of happiness to a boring office's bulletin board.
Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
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Knock On Wood Knocker
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