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ErgoErgo - Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool

ErgoErgo - Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool

ErgoErgo - Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool

Have you heard that sitting around motionless in an uncomfortable office chair all day staring at some glowing screen is probably not so good for you? Sure, there's been some active sitting chairs out there, like sitting on a giant goofy balance ball, but none are quite as fun looking as this cool new ErgoErgo. This ergonomic active sitting stool is shaped like an accordion, compresses slightly when you sit on it, and then allows you to lean freely in any direction which helps to keep your core muscles active for increased strength and flexibility, improved sense of balance, and even proper posture and circulation. There's no leaning back in your chair in this active seat since there is no back, which forces you to sit up naturally using your own muscles. Check out the video below to see them in action... and then get up, stretch, and go take a walk.

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  • Compresses slightly when you sit on it to the height of a standard chair and it also bends forward and backward
  • We should sit up naturally, using our own muscles instead of leaning passively against a seat back
  • Core muscles are engaged, the spine achieves its natural curve, the pelvis gently moves, and the legs stretch
  • The more you sit on it the more you work your body and the stronger your core muscles will be
  • Allows the body to move freely in any direction
  • Because there is no back rest, you engage your core and back muscles to build strength and flexibility
  • It will improve your sense of balance
  • Perfect for working and relaxing
  • Keeps core muscles awake
  • Gives you better posture and circulation
  • Use it in offices, schools, libraries, dorms, hotels, healthcare facilities…the possibilities are endless
  • Suitable for people from 5′ – 6’4″ tall
  • Made of recyclable technopolymer
  • Made in Fairfield, Iowa

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