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Lifesize Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Lifesize Game of Thrones Iron Throne

Brace yourselves. I may be the last one in the world to start watching Game of Thrones on HBO (yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm getting to it) and have absolutely no clue of the importance of this cool new Game of Thrones Lifesize Iron Throne, but I do know some seriously epic seating when I see it. My sister seems to be particularly enthralled by the books and the show and has proclaimed the following to me, none of which I can verify: "the Iron Throne was constructed by Aegon, the conqueror of the Seven Kingdoms, from the swords surrendered by his enemies..." and then there was something about maps, dragons and Winter or something. Yes, this very fine, yet uncomfortable looking throne that's officially licensed by HBO can be yours for the low, low price $30,000 with no additional conquering needed.

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