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Circular Galvanized Steel Bench and Planter

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Circular Galvanized Steel Bench and Planter

This cool new Harper Planter and Garden Bench is a circular galvanized steel planter that is wide enough to also double as a unique bench to sit upon. The planter in the center spans over 13" in diameter while the seating area is 15" deep. It's crafted from durable galvanized steel that has been dipped in hot zinc to give it an oxidized, weathered appearance, holds 47 quarts of soil, and has a drain hole at the bottom. Perfect for sitting under a tree in a more civilized way.


  • Seating area nearly 4 feet in diameter flanks a planter that can showcase beautiful plants
  • Durable galvanized steel
  • Dipped in a hot zinc bath for oxidization to give a weathered look
  • Drain hole in bottom
  • Planter capacity: 47 quarts
  • Seating area: 15" depth
  • Planter Size: 13.5" Diameter x 20" H
  • Entire Planter Size: 45" Diameter x 20" H - 153 lbs

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