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Twist & Spout - Instant Watering Can

Twist & Spout - Instant Watering Can

I know we just did a story about the harm caused by plastic water bottles and how we should switch to personal aluminum bottles, but since this will not happen overnight, here is a product that at least gives your plastic water or soda bottle another functional life rather than ending up in a landfill like 30 million other plastic bottles every single day.

Sometimes I refill an old plastic water bottle and use it to water a few of my jalapeņo pepper plants I have growing on my deck. I wish the bottle had a little spout though, so I could get the water more evenly around the plant. Well they actually make a product like this now called the Twist & Spout. Just take any plastic water or soda bottle that uses a screw-on cap and twist on this spout and Voila, instant watering can! Cool idea.

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