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Japanese Maple Tree - Rice Hull Growing Kit

Japanese Maple Tree - Rice Hull Growing Kit

Japanese Maple Tree - Rice Hull Growing Kit

The beautiful and eco-friendly Japanese Maple Tree - Rice Hull Growing Kit includes everything you need to grow your very own crimson-leaved Japanese Maple bonsai tree in your home or office. The Japanese Maple tree is prized in Japan for its stunning red foliage that emerges in Autumn and its branch structure seen in winter.

This all-in-one kit includes everything you need like an all-natural, environmentally-friendly pot and matching saucer made from renewable grain husks, USDA certified organic seeds and potting soil. These durable rice hull containers retain their shape and texture for five years, have built-in drainage, are freeze and thaw resistant and 100% biodegradable. It's decorative in design, natural in beauty and eco-friendly to the planet.

This little tree makes an ideal container plant that can easily be grown and kept small indoors in the rice hull pot or transplanted outdoors as an ornamental tree. It makes a great gift or an elegant addition to your home or office desktop.

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  • Beautiful, elegant, and eco-friendly tree kit
  • Red-leaved Japanese maple paired with a rich, earth-toned urn and matching saucer
  • Natural, environmentally-friendly pots made from renewable grain husks (primarily rice hulls) and organic pigments
  • Highly durable pots will retain their beautiful shape and texture for about five years
  • Includes everything you need: ecologically friendly, 100% biodegradable rice hull container, saucer and USDA certified organic seeds and soil
  • Grow indoors as a bonsai or plant outdoors for an outstanding ornamental
  • 6" diameter

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