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Easter Island Moai Head Urn Planter

Easter Island Moai Head Urn Planter

Easter Island Moai Head Urn Planter

This cool new yet quite ancient-inspired Easter Island Tiki Urn Planter is a fun scaled down replica of one of the mysterious giant stone head monoliths known as the Moai that are found along the Easter Island coastline, except this one has a spot on top of its head to hold a plant to give it some much needed hair. It's crafted from lightweight cast stone that's highly durable and weather-resistant, has a beautiful antique green finish 😉, and includes a drainage hole with a plug at the bottom. I suggest picking up a few of them to line up along your patio or garden to attract UFOs filled with inter-dimensional Green Heads like myself, scare off enemy invaders / annoying neighbors, ward off evil spirits and tiki curses, or just to look cool, because no one truly knows why the Rapa Nui built them and placed them like they did. Aliens!

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  • Urn planter features a striking Easter Island design, giving your outdoor space a stunning accent
  • Offers an intricate Moai design for a touch of culture and a hand-crafted look
  • Material: Cast stone with an antique green finish
  • Highly durable structure
  • Resistant to outdoor elements
  • Drainage hole at the bottom so that excess water will not pool
  • Size: 8.75" L x 8.75" W x 24" H - 13.67 Pounds

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