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Upside-Down Tomato Garden

Upside-Down Tomato Garden

Upside-Down Tomato Garden

We've been discovering many new amazing indoor fruit bearing gardens, plants and trees in the recent months. From the citrus bonsai trees and the shittake mushroom growing logs to the cool hydroponics kits, its been fun to bring a little bit of nature indoors and play farmer at our desks and it really beats staring at a boring old traditional office plant.

This week may we present the Upside-Down Tomato Garden planter. Yes, the tomatoes do grow downward from the top. It holds up to 4 tomato plants at one time and the benefits are enormous, because you can forget about weeding, pests, rotting, hole digging and staking cages. Even better, the top of the unit holds 80 pounds of top soil, so you can grow additional herbs, flowers, etc. Great for apartments, condos, decks, patios or anywhere space is limited and you would love to grow tomatoes.

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