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Foody 8 Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower

Foody 8 Vertical Hydroponic Garden Tower

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Wish gardening was way easier? Have a green thumb, but don't like to get your hands dirty? Have limited space? Then check out this cool new Foody 8 Hydroponic Tower. This futuristic five foot tall vertical garden tower grows up to 40 fruit, vegetable, herb, flower, and other plants year round in only 2 square feet of space using a hydroponic watering system - no potting soil required.

This innovative vertical garden consists of 4 stackable growing pods and a reservoir base, each with 8 planting pockets that you fill with a clay pebble growing medium that helps to insulate roots and provide proper aeration and drainage. The hydroponic system automatically circulates water and nutrients to the plants from the base. It works indoors or outdoors and even has the ability to automatically rotate in the sunlight with the optional rotation motor. Check out the demo video below to see it in action. Cool huh?

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